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Yesterday the ladies of our small group congregated for the first EVER freezer meal exchange (that we’ve been a part of)!  You can just call us the freezer chicks. 

Each of us decided what dish we would prepare ahead so that there were no repeats.  Everyone brought their dish in a ziploc bag or reusable aluminum 9×9 pan.  We each made four pans(or five if you wanted some for your family).  Check out this goodness: Sundried Tomato and Chicken Penne, Italian Sausage Corn Chowder, Broccoli Chicken Casserole, “Rice and Spice” and Chili with Cornbread.  Is your stomach grumbling yet? 

Little Brady was digging the Halloween Oreos. 

I’m so excited to try the food out- AND skip out on cooking a bit.   I think all of our husbands were VERY enthusiastic about trying some new foods also!  Bryce asked if we could do this every week.  🙂

Think of a small group of friends and give it a try!!  It could be a group of freezer chicks or roosters!  After doing it once there are a couple things I might change for the next time.  Make sure everyone brings recipes and cooking instructions.  Also, it might be a cool idea to have everyone make one additional dish while cooking in bulk and think of someone who might benefit at the moment from a homecooked meal.  Next time….

Look at those smiling ladies!  Jealous?  Well here’s the remedy, stop reading and go get your freezer meal exchange on!  tee hee


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