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This past week Micah has come down with a cold.  I wonder if colds are worse for the child or the parent?  Regardless, his poor little nose has been extremely congested which means one thing for an infant- the dreaded nose bulb syringe.

HE HATES IT!  And if it’s not already hard enough to use, try doing it while your baby is thrashing every appendage.  This got me thinking….  I’ve heard of several pet owners that have felt it important to try out whatever they’re going to use on their pets to make sure that it’s humane.  For example, my dog Mac had a shock collar for about a year because he kept running across the street to our neighbors home.  My Dad tried a “shock” to make sure that it wasn’t too intense for Mac.

(This looks like a sad Mac with a shock collar)

That being said, do you know any adults who have tried the bulb syringe for sucking snot?  I’ve heard of adults using it for a spraying saline, but how about for suction?  I think an adult version would have to have a wider “snout”.  Wouldn’t that be weird if we used them?  Why don’t we use them, are they really that terrible?  Well, excuse me while I go retrieve some boogies from Micah’s nose.  If you happen to decide to try this, please upload a video and picture to my blog! 

In other news, IT’S GREAT TO BE A MICHIGAN WOLVERINE!  Go UM!  Beat that little annoying brother of yours!  tee hee 


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