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A Modern-Day Snow White

In celebrating Amy’s birthday, we went out to Stoney Creek Apple Orchard yesterday.  It’s finally autumn when you get out to the orchard!  The evening was complete with cider, donuts, a hayride, pumpkins and APPLES!  We had a great day (besides the awful football game)……

Micah loved the orchard!  Although any time he’s outside and with Dad, he’s generally a happy baby…just like his Mommy.  tee hee    Here we are decked out for our team.  It’s still great to be a Michigan Wolverine!  Next year, next year- I love when I trash talk my family and then have to eat it.

While picking some Ida apples we decided to create a modern-day snow white.  I hope you enjoy the presentation starring Amy (snow white), Jenny (the wicked witch), and Ryan (prince charming).  Enjoy our contemporary re-enactment.  ONCE UPON A TIME..



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After Micah was born, Mom T. hooked us up with several pieces of clothing that used to belong to Bryce as a baby.  One of them being an adorable cowboy shirt.  You can see it in this picture of Bryce below:

Micah and I decided to do a little photo shoot to compare father and son. (you would NOT believe how difficult it is to find a red cowboy hat!)  Bryce is clearly younger in his picture above, but the similarities are unbelieveable!  Check out that nose!   

 Ride on cowboy!

Micah is such a good sport for humoring his mother! 

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