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I Feel Exposed…

So for the past week I’ve been slightly dreading the INAUGURAL BLOG ENTRY.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m VERY excited to get started but I feel the need to be clever, witty and sassy (like Michael) for the introduction.  Welp, here I go!

For the year, I’m home on maternity leave from teaching music to little kiddies in Troy.  Every day I’m hanging with the cutest boy EVER

 (ok, maybe tied with this babe)

 Micah and I are having a blast: looking at each other, I make him laugh, he cries, we eat food, he chews on toys, I wipe his adorable bunzinos, he practices crawling.  It’s amazing that I have this time with him!

I have several hopes for this blog.  I want to use it as artistic output where I can share cutie things that I see or *create*.  I want it to be a place where I can document and inform family or friends that are not local about the Thompson happenings.  Lastly, this is just somewhere that I can talk with adults while my little guy is snoozing. 

Thanks for reading and special thanks to the folks who helped brainstorm with me!   Check out the “About” tab to see another sweet picture and learn about my blog title.  Don’t forget to leave a comment.   Welcome!  Whew, I made it through, it’ll only get better from here!


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